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Enterprise Class IT for Your Growing Business​​
About Us

How We Think, What We Do!


The Cloud CIO Groups’ mission is to provide Enterprise Class IT Services to small and medium size business, to provide high quality service and solutions in a timely and cost effective manor.

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We understand that IT isn't your primary business and spending time trying to resolve issues takes away valuable time from you doing what you do best.  
We are a group of  Industry Certified Professionals who have each spent over 20 years working in large corporations throughout Southern Ontario and Up State New York.   We know how large companies manage their technology and we would like to bring that knowledge to you. 

As a Managed Service Provider we act as your fractional IT department. We're a phone call away and can    alievate the day to day management of IT, bringing you stability and cost effective solutions that support the growth of your company.  

We're not just a MSP that wants to provide you IT support. We want to be an integral part of your business, helping to drive your success.